Colour, texture and light has been a constant fascination in my life, beginning in theatre productions working as set painter, costume sewer and lighting assistant. I have photographed and sketched subjects for as long as I can remember. In 2007 I started watercolour painting lessons and found I could communicate in a much more intimate way with subjects. Living in Muskoka, there is an endless supply of inspiration just outside my studio window.

Painting allows me to speak with an emotional voice through colour, texture and light. The work comes from me, my experience, my life. When I paint, my mind disconnects; there is only energy running through to my brush and onto the painted surface. I am in the zone. I love that - the freedom that is part of painting. There is nothing else going on around me; it is only about painting. My brush is fearless in representing the mood, colour and textures of subjects. From soft watercolours to bold acrylics, my paintings precisely communicate my experience and the energy and beauty that motivated me.