"I think in metal", Hilary Clark Cole will tell you when asked about her work in welded steel, copper, brass and bronze.

This reply will come as no surprise to collectors and admirers of this artist's lifetime body of work.

Every creative individual gravitates to materials that best express what they want to say to the world, and this Canadian professional sculptor loves the challenge that metal presents, as she strives to communicate her thoughts and views of life.

The common thread is, quite simply, metal.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, there is remarkable detail in Hilary's work which echoes her jewellery training, and diligent study of anatomy.

It sets the work apart from that of other sculptors in this material.

TEach piece is individually hand built, and one of a kind.

Whether it is carefully rendered studies of birds and animals and flowers, human figures both life-size and small, or her signature bustiers, each piece has a story to tell.

"There are stories of joy and sadness, tales of dreams and fantasy," says Hilary, "Art must have passion, be understood, and appeal to the senses... sometimes even the sense of humour!"