Dave Campbell is a long time Gravenhurst Resident. He was ensnared easily by Muskoka (as most are) by his innocent purchase of a cottage here almost two decades ago.

The rugged landscapes, dramatic skies, and screaming silence have captivated him ever since.

He's unsure of the day or the year, but "home" changed locations and most work days were ending late at night with the crunch of gravel under the tires, rather than the strident horns of the city.

His busy career as an actor, choreographer, producer, and director in Theatre and TV, (most recently the successful revival of CATs in Toronto) has taken him half way around the world and back. Throughout this craziness however, a common theme has been a constant in his life, a fascination with old things, their timeless designs, and the stories they quietly tell. They are often the practical application of visual Art... if not Art themselves. The search for, and discovery of these treasures is rewarding on its own, but The Gypsy Market is now his perfect opportunity to spend more time surrounded by these amazing things, and share his passion for their history. Along with partner Tim Webb, they have created a not just an "antique store" or "gallery" but a gathering place to enjoy a sense of peace in the middle of their busy lives. Come in, slow down, look around, chat a while... and let your soul catch up.